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AAMV President’s Annual Report 2019-2020

Serving on the Board of AAMV for the last eight years, and as President for the last three, has been an honor and a pleasure. As we have adjusted and adapted to the changing museum landscape in recent times I have been continually energized and informed by the passion and commitment of my colleagues, our members, and the museum volunteer management community. I am proud of the work we have done to inform a vibrant volunteer management community and the network of colleagues and friends that shape our work and that we have helped shape.

Volunteers continue to be the life-blood of the majority of museums in the U.S. and, especially now, the work of AAMV feels especially vital and important. As we negotiate the coming months and years in the shadow of COVID-19 our institutions will be turning, again, to volunteers to help them to survive and thrive. Knowing the many volunteers and volunteer managers that I have had the privilege to meet in the last eight years - I know that we’re in good hands. That’s not to say that it won’t be very hard or painful, but the passion, skill, and knowledge of millions of volunteers nationwide stand us in very good stead. I am equally confident that AAMV, the only professional organization for volunteers, volunteer managers, and volunteer management will continue to serve as a vital resource for those enacting the crucial work of supporting museum volunteers. 

It has been a pleasure to be intimately involved with this organization for so long. We have a talented and energetic (volunteer!) board who is working hard to provide important content for you to support your volunteers and adjust to our new (ab)normal and help you navigate the coming months and years. And know that I am leaving the Board in the incredibly capable hands of Jenny: a dear friend and colleague. I know you will show Jenny the warm welcome and collegiality that you have extended to me. 

I look forward to supporting AAMV and staying in touch. 

Your friend and colleague,

Richard Harker 

May 2020

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